If you have a Roku or fire stick, or a smart TV where you can install applications, you can install the Plex application on it. See the huge assortment of devices that support Plex! You probably have one!

The Plex application allows you to view free television, films and live television (similarly to Pluto TV); however, that's not the main thing folks use it for... We use it to view each otherís media in a Netflix-style interface where you can subscribe to television programmes, pause video and resume it at a later time - possibly on a different device!

The Plex app itself is free excepting the mobile phone versions which cost a flat fee of under $5 (this cost is for the Plex developers to keep the Plex app on the iTunes or (Google) Play Store, as it costs them money to put it there.) The website, app for TV, PlayStation and other devices are completely free!

if you're interested in gaining access to my media library, go to plex.tv and create an account. Set it up so it works on your television (I can help a little if needed), and when you've got it all working, send me an e-mail asking me for access to your Plex server including the e-mail you used to create your Plex account. I will send you a share request through the App!