Contacting Chaz

for most issues, please use e-mail:

Honestly, I use e-mail as my primary non-verbal communication tool. It's really the most effective and least intrusive way to contact me. You must use this address to send me an e-mail. I have changed several times over the years, sometimes not by choice. My addresses on are no longer used at all and I no longer own the domain So, these once popular e-mail addresses for me are now completely dead:,,, I have no access to these former e-mails and are no longer monitored. Honestly, e-mail is the best way to get a hold of me, as I read through it many times every day.

for more urgent issues or rapid response, please or text call me:

I have multiple phone numbers for a reason – I want people to be able to reach me without issue. All of my voice numbers re connected to each other so you only need to pick the number closest to you and dial it. If you prefer to text message me, please utilise Signal with my special Signal/SMS number only. Pleae note: My texting number is not a voice line and you’ll get "Lenny" if you try to dial it directly. Lenny is a telemarketer's worst nightmare disguised as an old confused man (go ahead and call him, he gets lonely…). Also, if you're a phreaker or just a massive telephone enthusiast, if you have access to C*NET or PhreakNet you can reach me through there as well at the numbers listed below.

Picking up the telephone and calling me is really the best way to reaching me in a hurry. Don't worry about time of day or time zones, if I am busy or it is my bedtime, all my phones automatically divert to voice-mail (please leave a message if you get voice-mail!) Remember: If you have caller-id blocking activated in perpetuity on your phone to disable it before calling any of my numbers or you'll get an intercept message and your call will not be processed. Typically you need to dial *87 (1187 from a rotary phone) before the phone number to disable caller-id blocking on a per-call basis -- it will not affect future calls, only the one call you are presently making. If *87 does not work for you, consult your operator for directions. My phone systems reject all ANI-blocked calls.

if you are a looking to sell me things, please don’t contact me:

Like most human beings, I despise sales calls and will promptly taunt you, hang up on you, block your number and report you. Yeah, I know the "do not call" register is relatively toothless, but do you want to risk it? Technology is catching up and headlines like "Telemarketing company Lead My Way has been hit with a whopping $285,600 infringement notice after being caught calling people on the Do Not Call Register" are becoming more common -- even when the call centre is outside of North America and the ANI is spoofed. We don't appriciate your calls, in fact, we despise them and will never purchase anything from you -- get a fucking life! If you are an employee for one of these call centres, I sincerely hope you spontaneously combust!